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Choice of Print 

Our garments can be printed in a choice of prints and we will advise what method we think will suit your design.

Cucci's 3 Methods of Print


Transfer Prints are used for photos and colour logos, the quality has improved over the years but they can still fade with washing. Ideal for one off events like Stag & Hen Nights.

Vinyl Prints are usually one colour and are cut out especially for the customer. Quality is very good and lasts for at least a couple of years.
Can be printed on to most materials.

Two Colour Vinyl is difficult hence the difference in price. We tend to recommend the two elements do not join as even 1mm out looks awful!

Embroidery the old fashioned way of printing on to garments ...and still as popular today! Customers often choose this method as they think it looks better quality ...and probably does! If you would like a logo embroidering you do have to have a Jaquard made, which a digital stitch file inserted into the machine which then reads the design and transfers it to the garment. The cost of a Jaquard is £36 but it is the customers forever and can be used elsewhere if required.

For ordinary text embroidery you do not need a jaquard.

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